Ruth Capper & Chris Tall

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The wedding of Ruth Capper, daughter of Paul and Carole Capper of East Budleigh, and Christopher Tall, eldest son of David and Susan Tall of Kenilworth, took place at East Budleigh on Saturday 27th April, 2002. These pictures are the first available from those taken at the wedding. A wider range of photographs will be added soon, together with suitable captions. Watch this space! And ... please ... enter our caption competition!

Enter our caption competition. See below!

See also the cartoons in the Daily Mail which proved to be highly prophetic.

The bride, Ruth Capper, with father Paul Capper and bridesmaids, Rachel Brown and Vicky Mason.

The groom, Christopher Tall, with best man Greg Murray, and Ruth's brothers as ushers - Alan, (centre back) and Ian. (just peeping in on the left)

Best man Greg, groom Chris, bridesmaids Rachel & Vicky.

The groom’s family look back, brother Nic (left), father, David, mother, Sue.

The Reverend Win Fish and Chris look on as Ruth signs the register.

Greg signs as witness, and Ruth and Chris look pleased.

Bride and Groom.

We did it!

Only the bridegroom’s mother, Sue, and father, David, look at the camera.

Chris's nephew Zachary, (front right) organizes the wedding party as his dad, Phil, prepares to take some family photos.

The bride and groom say hi! to friends, Aly, Jacob (asleep) and Keren (looking at the camera), with Sylvia (left) and Ruth's mother Carole (right) looking on.

No confetti allowed, so nephew Lawrence blows bubbles instead.

The bride and groom in the bluebell wood.


The Bridal Party, Gregg (best man) Vicky (bridesmaid), Ian, Alan, Carole, Paul Capper (the bride's family), Ruth and Chris, Rachel (bridesmaid), then the groom’s family, David Tall, Sue, and Chris’s sister Rebecca with husband Phil Hirst and sons Lawrence and Zachary, Chris’s brother Nic and wife Janet.

The Cappers ... brother Alan, father Paul, bride and groom, mother Carole, brother Ian.

The Talls ... Janet (Nic’s wife), brother Nic, father David, bride and groom, mother Sue, sister Rebecca with son Lawrence and her husband Phil with Zachary.

The Bridal Party ... usher Alan, bridesmaid Rachel, bride and groom, bridesmaid Vicky, usher Ian, and best man, Gregg.

David (father of the groom) and Paul (father of the bride).

Chris's sister Rebecca and mother Sue Tall.

The Talls ... Rebecca, David and Sue, and Chris and Nic.

Friends and neighbours from Newark. Lisa, Paul, Helen, Andy, Sylvia, Ruth and Chris, Keren, Aly, Jacob, Tessa, Meredith and Robert.

The lads. Toby, Chris, Nic and Paul (Swampy).

The Father of the Bride proposes a toast.

The Groom, Chris, replies.
|The Bride, Ruth, has her say too, to the amusement of father Paul.
Best Man, Greg, says his bit.

To have and to hold from this day forward ...
The happy couple’s nephew Zachary, in deep contemplation at the end of the speeches ...

He said! She said!

Suggest an apt comment
by Ruth,
or by Chris,
or by each of them.

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All printable captions entered will be featured on this page.

Captions so far:

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Chris: I love ’em both, sweet and full-bodied. Sue, [Chris’s mum]
Ruth: Why is Emperor Hirohito standing next to me, drinking a pint of Guinness? Greg, [Best Man] ... (Is this a student in-joke? Can anyone explain it? Send answers to the Editor.)
Chris: Great day but this still takes some beating. Christine Nichols. [Wife of cousin Pete, below]
Ruth: O.K. Chris you've had your fun now give me my pint back. Pete Nichols. [Chris's cousin, once removed]
Chris: Start off as you mean to go on. [Christine again]
Ruth: There's always tomorrow night. [Pete again]
To each other: We just love each other. Clarice Nichols aged 9.
A perfect head on a perfect body Eddie [a colleague of Chris]
Ruth: Let’s close our eyes and savour this moment, darling.
Chris: Mmmmm... I’m savouring it all right dawlin’ !
Ingrid [friend of the Groom’s mother]
Chris: I have finally created the perfect woman - I have managed to weld Ruth’s head onto a pint of Guinness. Rebecca [Chris’s sister]
(Look carefully at the original photo (Ed.))
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The following highly topical cartoons appeared on Friday, the day before the wedding (give or take a name or two...)

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