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GRAMPA (1996-onwards)

Sue and I have six grandchildren: Lawrence (December 23 1996), Zachary, (March 1st 2000) the sons of daughter Rebecca and her husband Philip; Emily (February 23rd 2004), and Simon (November, 2005) the children of younger son Nic and wife Janet; James (November 23rd, 2007), Charlotte (June 26th 2013), the children of older son Christopher and wife Ruth. I also have a new occupation: Grampa (the name given me by Lawrence when we couldn't decide between Grandad and Grandpa).

The photos here are of the grandchildren when they were young. More recent photos are here.

In 1996, Rebecca was expecting her first child, notionally on Christmas Day. But Lawrence arrived two days earlier. On December 23rd, 1996, around seven thirty am, Rebecca telephoned us to tell us she was in labour. At lunchtime, Lawrence was born and by evening we arrived in Chester for Sue to help look after him. Rebecca gently explained that she could look after one baby, but not two, and I was despatched back to Kenilworth where, fortunately, Christopher had volunteered to stay with me and cooked a magnificent Christmas dinner.

“Stay here Lawrence, and don’t touch anything!” said Daddy, after they painted the wall blue. Lawrence, left alone with a can of white paint, didn’t take long to ‘improve’ the work...

Lawrence likes to work in the garden. Here he lets the rhubarb go to his head.

Lawrence has a special fascination for snakes.
He enjoys holding
a boa constrictor!

Zachary was born on March 1st 2000. He turned out to have a mind of his own. In any situation he has his own viewpoint and there is no way to change his viewpoint. Driving along the straight main street in Kenilworth he announced, ‘This is a Roman Road.’ When asked how he knew, he said ‘Because it has white triangles on the sides.’ Think it through, a straight road, with give way signs showing it is a main road. Q.E.D. Don’t mess with me.
In later life he coped with type 1 diabetes and made a fortune at 15 writing games software that sold well in the USA...

At his christening.

Zac was studious
from an early age.

His favourite food.

Emily, the daughter of Nic and Janet arrived in the early evening of February 23rd 2004, the day before she was expected. We visited her in Taunton the next day when we took our first pictures. Since then Emily has shown herself to be a very definite and precocious little person, writing her first novel while still in primary school.

The proud parents, Nic and Janet

Emily at 18 hours old

Grandpa and his first granddaughter

Simon John, the son of Nic and Janet was born next on 17th November 2005. An uncomplicated and deeply thoughtful child with hidden depths as a mathematician, a philosopher and later a black belt in mixed martial arts...

Simon at his christening

again at his christening

Simon on holiday nearly 2 yrs old

James, the son of Chris and Ruth arrived on November 23rd 2007 weighing 2lb 7oz, when he wasn't expected until February 2008. He proved to be sturdy and resilient and has developed into an athlete at running and cricket. At eight years old he took up the horn and the guitar.

The proud parents, Chris & Ruth

James a day old

Nana with James at 4 weeks old

Charlotte (also known as 'Bertie') arrived on 26th June 2013. She is 'in charge' of everything...


a year old

stunning at three

Later pictures of the grandchildren are here. My story continues here ...

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