Who is David Tall?

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The owner of this web-site is David Orme Tall, Professor in Mathematical Thinking at the University of Warwick, who lives in Kenilworth, UK. He may be contacted at david@davidtall.com.

Please send information about others named David Tall who would be willing to be represented on this page.

My only known relative named David Tall is the son of Gordon Tall, whose grandfather Bert Tall was my father‘s brother. David was born on October 5th 1975.

I met him for the first time on Friday 4th March 2005. It has taken nearly 30 years for me to meet another David Tall. He lives in my home town of Wellingborough, Northants.

David Thomas Tall was born in London and now lives in Bournemouth from where he contacted me. Here he is with his two children. More recent pictures are here.
e-mail: david.tall1@tiscali.co.uk

David Iain Tall is currently in Australia. He contacted me from everest6@yahoo.com and told me his father is also David Tall and his cousin is David John Tall.
Mr David Tall is pharmacist at Unichem Pharmacy, Rothbury, Morpeth, Northumberland, UK and is the father of David Iain Tall.
David John Tall is the cousin of David Iain Tall and lives in County Durham.
David A. Tall was born in Plympton, Devon on 20 December 1963 and played cricket for Devon. His cricket record can be found on the web at CricInfo.
Captain David Tall OBE retired from the Royal Navy after 36 years service, (33 in submarines). Appointed Chief Executive of Plymouth Argyle Football Co Ltd in 2001.
David Tall is on the staff of the Primary Care Development Centre, Northumbria University.
David William Tall is an African American living in Tennessee whose great grandfather, James H. Tall Sr., was sold into slavery in the mid-1800s as a teenager and took the last name of the family that he was sold to, which was Tall.
David Tall is the Sales Manager at Alpha Rho Inc who manufacture rigid plastic boxes at 99 Stevens Road Fitchburg, MA 01420, USA.

He also features in various fun runs.

Dave Tall is a realtor with John L. Scott Real Estate in Sequim, Washington State, USA.

David Tall is the bass trombonist of the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra, spending a year with the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra. He writes the occasional note on trombone playing. e-mail: davetall@sprintmail.com or davetall@btrb.com
David Tall is an Attorney with Oseran, Hahn, Spring & Watts, P.S.
850 Skyline Tower
Bellevue, Washington (WA) 98004
A visit to the website Genes Reunited gave several other David Talls:
David Samuel Tall, born 1871 in Salt Lake City,Utah
David Michael Tall, born 1946 in Bristol
David Tall, born 1946 in Southend
David Alan Tall, born 1950 in Plymouth.
News and pictures of any of these and of any other David Tall are welcome and, if desired, a link to them will be set from this page.

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