Visit to Islay, July 2001

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These pictures were taken on a trip to Islay in July 2001. The group consisted of David and Sue Tall, together with Phil and Lillie Crowley from Kentucky.

On the way to the Isle of Islay, we stop at at the Loch Fyne Whisky Shop.

So much choice inside! .. .So we buy a few
(including a classic Port Ellen for Phil
and the regular Ardbeg for David)

The ferry to Islay approaches Port Askaig

Bunnahabhain Distillery, north of Port Askaig, the least peaty whisky on Islay. The barrels on the shore.

Caol Ila Distillery (bonded warehouse) making huge quantities of malt, mainly for blending

Finlaggan, famous for its links with the Lords of the Isles.

Gruinart House and our hosts Alan and Ann.

The following morning, Sue looks over the fields over the road.

Arriving at Bruichladdich Distillery, happily re-opened after years of wasted ownership by Whyte and Mackay

The malt prepared at Port Ellen Maltings is poured down a grating outside the distillery ...

... to be raised to the mash tun by an ingeniously designed mechanical lift.

Studying the mash tun, where the malt is boiled in three successive lots of water to extract the sugar to give the wort.

Sniffing the yeast at work brewing the wort.

Distilling the brew. The console in front of us selects the desired part of the whisky after being distilled twice in the two copper vessels in the centre.

Roll out the barrel. This is the specially peated ‘Port Charlotte’ whisky, being taken to mature for ten years in the Port Charlotte bonded warehouse along the road.

Phil and David outside the Bowmore Distillery.

Then on to the main event. ... David, Lillie, Sue, Phil, outside the re-opened Ardbeg Distillery.

Kildalton Cross, just along the road from Ardbeg,
the oldest celtic cross in Scotland.

The views around Kildalton

Visits to Lagavulin and Laphroiag on the way back.

Sadness at the loss of Port Ellen Distillery (the low white bulding in the distance). Now the site operates the maltings (in the larger building) for the whole island.

Solace with a dram outside the location of the annual Islay whisky tasting event.

The ferry arrives at Port Ellen to take us away from Islay. We will be back!

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