In Wellow with Chris, May 2004

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Rio last week, Chicago next. But this week in a place that is forever England - Wellow.
For an Englishman, there is nothing more nostalgic that the sound of leather on willow, especially in Wellow.
This means cricket. And the best kind of cricket is village cricket. So here we are to see English cricket at its best.

This is the annual cricket match between the Wellow cricket team and the Durham Ox Pub football team. The vice-captain of Wellow cricket is Chris Tall, known as Tally to his mates.

Chris Tall suggests victory against the Durham Ox as his greatest fan looks on.

The Wellow team bat first and Tally waits to bat with his mates.

At last it is his turn and he strides out purposefully,

He defends his wicket against a difficult ball.

Then he thrashes the ball and begins to score a few runs...

The innings is over. Wellow score 119, with Tally 14 not out.

Now Wellow are fielding and Tally (left) chases a ball hit to the boundary.

He bowls too, with great style but not much success.

Cricket is a team game and Wellow celebrate their victory by bowling out Durham Ox football team for 96 runs.

Back home in Newark, the bunnies are waiting for the conquering hero to return.

Ruth and Chris survey the back garden, now blossoming nicely.

A man's home is his castle, and this one has its tidily laid out back garden.

But who else would build a climbing wall in his attic? (Yes really. This is Chris the climber clinging to the wall of his loft, all kitted out for climbing practice...)

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