The Nora Bavin Scrapbooks

The pdf files available on CD are preliminary versions of the two scrapbooks compiled by Miss Bavin, the School Secretary at Wellingborough Grammar School from 1931 to 1973. They have been prepared in portable document format by David and Graham Tall who attended the school in the 1950s.

The books cover almost the whole time-span of the Boy’s Grammar School from its opening in 1930 to its reorganisation as a mixed comprehensive school in 1975.

Both files can be read using Acrobat Reader which is available from Adobe online.

The original books are in the custody of the Wellingborough Old Grammarians Society. The cuttings come largely from the Evening Telegraph and other newspapers. They are reproduced here for private study purposes only.

WGS Book I contains images of the pages from the first scrapbook covering the period 1930-1960. It also has an analysis of the contents of each page. However it does not (yet) have any method of navigating around the document.

WGS Book II contains the second scrapbook from the early sixties to 1973. This has an electronic index that offers the facility to look up any entry in the index and, by clicking on the page number in the index, it moves directly to the relevant page. Furthermore, every page has an alphabetic link to the index itself, allowing free movement from any page, to the index, and on to a new page.

The original books are large. Book I is in wider than it is high and is best viewed or printed in landscape mode:

Book II is much taller than it is wide and best viewed or printed in portrait mode:

The files can be printed adequately on A4 paper, but the newsprint is then quite small. When printed on A3 paper, the printed result approximates to their original size.

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