The Tall Family

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Great Grandma Fanny Tall is the matriarch of the current Tall clan, born in Maulden near Hitchen, she married William Tall in 1852. After bearing four children, her husband William died in 1862, leaving her alone in St Peter’s, Bedford, pregnant with a fifth child, Rose Ellen, born in November. The following year she was removed by the overseers of St Peter’s and returned to her home village. Two of her children died and two further children were born whose fathers are not known. The second of these was Percy Tall, born in 1871, whose descendants comprised the Tall family in Wellingborough in the twentieth century. Fanny married William Ansell, a pensioner in 1873 and died in 1874 aged about 42.

Brief details of her life are outlined here:

Great-Grandmother Fanny Tall
Christened 1 June, 1832 Hitchin, Herts.
Married to William Tall, 4 Jan 1852, Hitchin.
1854 Mary Ann born
1857 Frederick born
1859 Harriet born
1861 Susan born 6 May 1861, Derby Street, St Peters, Bedford.
1862 William Tall died, 10 July 1862, Derby Street, St Peters, Bedford
1862 Rose Ellen born 29 Nov 1862, Derby Street, St Peters, Bedford. Birth registered 7 Jan 1863. Father William Tall given as deceased.
1863, 10 August: Removal Order signed by Bedford St Peter's Overseers to send Fanny and 5 children (Mary Ann, Frederick, Harriet, Susan & Rose) back to her home village of Maulden, near Hitchen.
1864 Rose Ellen died 1st quarter, Hitchin
1866 Susan died 1st quarter
1867 a new child, Susan Tall, baptised at Hitchin, parents given as William & Fanny Tall.
1871 Removal to Ampthill Workhouse.
Percy born April 1st 1871, the day before the 1871 census. Fanny discharged herself from the Workhouse after two weeks.
1873 Fanny married William Ansell, Pensioner, Hitchin Registry Office.
1874 2nd quarter. Fanny Ansell died at Hitchin.

Selections from the Tall Family database, built on the research into the Tall family by Graham Tall, and Susan Tall’s research into her own ancestors, may be found at

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