In March, David and Sue travelled to Abu Dhabi for David to give a Keynote Presentation on Active Teaching and Learning in Mathematics. Among others we met Douglas Butler, an old sparring partner writing software, who was presenting his magnificent Autograph programme (sadly for PC only), David Graddol, an expert on global English, Stephen Heppell, a polymath declaring the new opportunities for learning using information technology, and Norman Reid from Glasgow proclaiming a better approach to learning by planning the teaching to reduce the number of pieces of information the learner has to process. All gave keynote lectures.

Beach Hotel Rotana and Towers entrance

view of the hotel from the sea.

Inside the rotunda meeting place.

Outside the swimming pool.

Douglas Butler practices his delivery.

... as he is photographed by his bag-carrier.

Then proceeds to deliver the main opening plenary of the conference ...

... to an appreciative audience ...

... and relaxes afterwards with Steven Heppell.

Nancy Fahnestock, Steve Corbeil with David at dinner.

David Graddol chatting to Doug Butler after giving his keynote on the changes in the global use of English.

David's turn to give his keynote on Active Teaching and Active Learning in Mathematics. (Downloadable from here as a PDF.)

... to an audience who listen ...

... and show their appreciation.

Time for poster presentations ...

Piet Blokland demonstrates Graphic Calculus ...

...(developed by Piet from some original ideas of David Tall.)

Stephen Heppell gives the ICT keynote contrasting 1997

with 2007.

Douglas Butler, David and Sue Tall, organiser Graeme Ward, Stephen Heppell, David Graddol, and organiser Mick Giblin sit round the table to share a seafood meal of all you can eat and drink for £17 apiece.

Mick and Sue enjoy the day.

Prof Norman Reid from Glasgow relaxes before his keynote ...

... based on an earlier lecture where he shows that learning improves by reducing the number of pieces of information being handled by the learner.

Happy hour in the German bierhaus with Douglas, Graeme and Mick.

A Jordanian teacher Mahomed and his two boys Besher & Abderrahman took us out for a ride round Abu Dhabi.

to visit the Emirates Palace Hotel ...

... and Mahomed's flat with his wife Ola and young son Bara.

The shopping centre adjoining the hotel ...

Time to relax.

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