David and Sue visited Taiwan in May/June 2007 for David to give keynote presentations at Conferences in Changhua and Taitung and further talks at Hualien, Taipei, Hsinchu, Chiayi, supported by Abe and Grace Chin and their son Cephas.

David with Cephas, the son of Abe and Grace Chin
who live in Taichung and hosted David and Sue Tall at the beginning and end of their circular tour of Taiwan, starting at Changhua (24-26 May), travelling by Bullet Train from Taichung to Zuoyin near Kaoshung, round the coast rail to Taitung (27-30 May) up to Hualien by train (30-31 May), on to give lectures in Taipei, then Hsinchu and Chiayi staying once more with Abe and Grace before returning to the UK on June 8th.

Conference at Changhua University: May 25-26th.

Dr Huey-Por Chang, President of National Changhua University (3rd left) addresses the audience with the four main speakers, Larry Yore (Victoria Canada), Richard Duschl (Rutgers USA), Len Unsworth, (UNE, Armidale, Australia), David Tall (Warwick UK) and Dr Hsiao-Lin Tuan, Chair of the Graduate Institute for Science Education.

David gives one of the four keynotes with Abe Erh-Tsung Chin as translator...
other 3 speakers
... with the other three speakers in the audience...
With Bo-Ni, who was a student at Warwick.
Each evening we had a banquet with the speakers, President Chang and Prof Tuan (the first had 12 courses).
A ‘family reunion’ with Jeffrey Liu*, Yung-Chi*, Yung-Lin*, Jing-Pei*, Li-Kai*, Prof. Tuan, David Tall, She-Yi, Abe Erh-Tsung Chin, Kuan-Jou* [Abe’s students are marked *, and so are David’s academic grandchildren.]

 Abe lowers the white car below ground so that he can park his car on the platform above. The system fits 8 cars in a space that only takes 3 on the flat...
abe grace cephas
Back to stay with Abe, Grace and Cephas in their flat for the third night before moving on to Taitung by train.

on our way
Prof Wang and Prof Tuan come to the station to say goodbye to the four intrepid speakers and Sue who are to be escorted by Yvonne (right) to the next conference at Taitung.
bullet train
The bullet train arrives to speed down to Zuoyin near Kaoshung at speeds up to 180 mph.
changing trains in zuoyin
Changing trains at Zuoyin.
richard and larry eat lunch
Richard and Larry eat packed lunches on the regular train round the south of the island of Taiwan.
the coast
Down the coast.
fish farms
Past fish farms
fertile fields
and fertile fields
round the mountains that divide Taiwan into a broad western plain and a narrow western coastal strip that force the train to loop round the southern coast.