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Reunion in the New Forest

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On the weekend of June 4th-6th, 2005, we looked back fifty years with a reunion of our time as young musicians in Northampton in the 1950s. Our host was Arnold Bennett in his house in the New Forest.

Those present: David Tall, Keith Cornell, Pamela Miller, Susan Tall, Arnold Bennett, David Vine, Gwen Cornell.

The way we were in 1960 at a music weekend at Grendon Hall, Northamptonshire, including David Tall, his future wife, Sue, David Vine, Arnold Bennett and Pam Miller who got together for the reunion with Keith Cornell (below). Also invited for the weekend but unable to attend were Richard Siddall and Mary Ireson.

Keith Cornell on the front desk of the Ronald Harding String Orchestra with Richard Siddall on the right of the picture and Mary Ireson on the left.

Arnold as chef for the weekend: roast lamb for dinner, smoked salmon for lunch, chicken casserole for dinner, washed down with the best champagne.

Keith (right) reminisces with David.

Pam and David Vine talk of the old days.

Next morning Arnold invites us on his boat...

... for a sail down the River Beaulieu.

Captain Arnold instructs his crew...

Aye, Aye, Cap’n!

Which of these three stand-in captains beached the boat? [* for a clue: see below]

Don’t ask me!

... or me!

Bosun Keith tells the tale!

Cap’n Courageous saves the day.

Back for Bach!

Bist du bei mir ...

Papagena and Papageno sing a duet from Mozart’s Magic Flute.

David T and Arnold play Bach’s Double Violin Concerto with continuo by David V.

Arnold and Pam celebrate as we prepare to go to a concert in the evening at Lymington. An evening of Haydn, Mozart and Dvorak....

Rosie arrives on Sunday morning and looks at the pictures for this page as David prepares it for the web on his trusty Apple Powerbook computer.

Arnold, host, violinist, cook, captain, raconteur, bon viveur, plays on!

Bye bye Cap’n Bennett, and many, many thanks!
*Clue to who beached the boat: don’t be fooled by the expressions: a gentleman would never say... [back]

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