In September 2004, we travelled to Istanbul for David to present an invited plenary at a conference in Science Education at Marmara University and to stay with Hatice Akkoç for a holiday.

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul where we relaxed after the conference in Marmara University ...

At the conference reception with Hatice, Sue, Sema (the Dean of the Department), David.

Amin, Erol, David, Sue, Hatice, with Ali in front.

Lunch prepared by Hatice's Mum in Hatice's flat.

With Nihat Boz.

Crossing the Bosphorus from Asia to Europe.

Map of the ferry trip to the Teachers' Hotel on the European side of Istanbul where we stayed.

The nearby sites, including the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque.

The Istanbul skyline from the ferry.

The view from our hotel room in European Istanbul, back across the Bosphorus to the Asian side.

Breakfast with a friend in the hotel garden. (Breakfast costs less than £1!)

Sunday morning promenade on the Bosphorus as the locals go fishing.

A cup of chay (tea)...
A visitor on the wall in front.

inside the blue mosque.

mint tea to lubricate the sale of turkish delights.

Hagia Sophia with its church windows and mosaic on the roof, superimposed with a door at the foot to show the direction to pray to Mecca when the building became a Mosque.

David pointing to the centre of the christian world.

Ali on the balcony in Sophia Hagia in front of the Moslem sign with his name upon it.

The entrance to the Topkapi Palace.

Inside the courtyard, looking into the harem.

Consulting the guide book for information.

View of Instanbul from the palace.

Dinner with Hatice's mum.

An afternoon trip up the Bosphorus with Hatice and Ali.

the castle on the European side ...


... Nineteenth century villas at Yeniköy

top of the bosphorus at Anadolu Kavagi ...

...our choice of restaurant ...

.... for dinner.

On our last day, Hatice's father travelled 12 hours by bus to meet us ... a perfect end to a special time.
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