St Ives & the grandchildren, Aug 2005

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In August 2007 we planned a week’s holiday in St Ives with daughter Becki, Phil and their children Lawrence and Zac. For the first three days we were also joined by son Nic, Janet and their children Emily and Simon. A holiday with all four grandkids at the same time! This is what retirement is about. But first we had to get there and en route we made a quick side-trip to Canterbury Cathedral to hear evensong sung by the choir from Christchurch Cathedral, Lexington, Kentucky, including our pal Martin, the son of Lillie and Phil Crowley.

Travelling to St Ives via Canterbury! Sue drove with David to Canterbury on Wednesday Aug 4th, staying overnight, then to Exeter to stay on Thursday Aug 5th, with a side trip to Hannington where her father’s father was born. We arrived at St Ives on Friday Aug 6th.

Sue walking to join the queue to enter Canterbury Cathedral.

Sue and David were invited to join the choir for dinner. Here David sits with Martin.

A concert followed in St Mildred’s Church. Click above to hear the choir sing Howell’s Magnificat.

The Vine at Hannington where we had a fine lunch and saw photographs on the wall of people in Hannington a century ago. Were any related to Sue? Her father’s father was born in Hannington after his grandfather Patsy Ford and grandmother had come from Ireland at the time of the great potato blight.

The Church at Hannington where earlier generations of Sue’s family are buried, particularly the Baggs, who include Sue’s great-grandfather’s wife Mary Baggs.

Henry Baggs and others. (Pass your mouse over for a close-up...)

William Baggs and others.

And on to St Ives. This magnificent view is from the window of the flat where Becki and family stayed.

The family get together on the harbour beach on the far side of the harbour in the picture above.

Lawrence (10) plays with Simon (18 months).

Zac (7) and Emily (3).

Becki & Phil (parents of Lawrence & Zac).

Nic & Janet (parents of Emily & Simon).

Nana Sue & Grampa Dave.
The Sun newspaper is running a national campaign claiming that a great white shark has been seen in the sea at St Ives. Becki, Lawrence and Zac get in on the act.

Put your mouse over the picture to identify them and click the mouse on the picture to see the article published in the Sun the following day!

Rebecca, of course, chatted up the Sun people and got a fair share of T-shirts, a small blow-up shark and a larger one.