Indiana & Kentucky, June July 2007

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On Sunday June 24th, we flew to Chicago to stay with Keith and Lisa Schwingendorf in La Porte, Indiana, while David worked on an National Science Foundation project with Dave Feikes and Dave Pratt at Purdue North Central. On this occasion, we relaxed and enjoyed family life in the evenings while David did his work during the day. A visit to see a performance of Oklahoma by a young and highly talented group was a highlight.

The house of the Schwingedorfs in Laporte.

Keith cleans up.

Lisa cuts the grass.

Lisa, Ryan and Jessica.

On Saturday June 30th, we flew from Chicago to Lexington Kentucky, to stay with Lillie, Phil & Martin Crowley in their nineteenth century farm in Paris.

A party in the evening (Martin is on the right).

The well in the field.

The creek has all but dried up...

Lillie in her kitchen.

Her cleaner and husband do their chores.

Phil and Lillie about to show us their hidden room.

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On our trip back home via Newark Airport, the plane from Houston to Lexington got caught in a storm and was four hours late, so we missed our connection in Newark and couldn’t fly to Birmingham. We were re-routed through Paris and arrived ten hours late. Our luggage took three more days to catch us up.