Gran Canaria, February 2006

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In February 2006, we travelled to Gran Canaria where David had been invited to address the XVth Anniversary of the ‘Isaac Newton’ Mathematical Society of Mathematical Teachers on the Canary Islands. The conference took place in the Gran Hotel Costas Meloneras on the south coast.

The Gran Hotel Costa Meloneras from the air...

From the sea ...

The Atlantic Ocean ...

David relaxes in our room overlooking the fountain as he makes final changes to his presentation.

Relaxing in a swimming pool round an artificial island.

Swimming the circular route around ...

... enjoying a well-earned cerveza (beer) – pronounced servesza here, not thervetha as in mainland Spain ...

Communing with the warm sun in warm water (20°C) while less adventurous holiday makers sit in the wind.


Back in the hotel to make plans with José Rodruigez, who is to translate the presentations into Spanish.

At the opening reception with Lucy Henriquez, President of the ‘Isaac Newton’ Mathematical Society, who also drove us from the airport to the hotel.

Juan Antonio Garcia Cruz, David, Sue, and Martin Kindt from the Netherlands, another invited speaker.

The seminar group meets.

David prepares, with support from Eloy Morales, one of the organizers.

The first of four presentations in progress ...

... with the odd joke to amuse the audience.

Alicia Bruno and Margarita Marin concentrate on a problem.

Esther Dominguez and Ana Trujillo.

Angeles Deniz and Antonia (Toni) Gil.

Jesus Mendez and Carlos Duque.

Carmen Garcia, Dolores (Loly) Godoy and Cristina Rodriguez.

Jose Rodriguez, Toni Gil, Carlos Duque, Angeles Deniz, David Tall, Margarita Marin (front), Eloy Morales, Jesus Mendez, Esther Dominguez, Alicia Bruno.

The Conference Dinner on Saturday ...
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