SymCog Vermont 2006

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From January 3rd to 9th, Steve Hegedus and Gary Davis organised a symposium on Symbolic Cognition at the Whitehouse Hotel in Vermont. On the way with Steve, his student Sara Dalton, David Tall and Chris Sangwin, we stopped in Shutesbury to visit the place where Jim Kaput is laid to rest and shared a dram of Oban with him.
We continued through the snow to Brattleborough where we visited McNeill's Brewery and shared a glass or three of Jim's favourite ale.

Steve with Christa Porter, who served us a selection of ales.

One of the drinkers turned out to be an English maths graduate who knew Tony Gardiner. What a small world!

In the evening of Jan 3rd, we arrived at the White House, ready to start the conference in the morning.

Hy Bass and Steve at the Wednesday morning meeting.

John Selden, Annie Selden and Chris Sangwin.

Adalira Sáenz-Ludlow and Luis Radford-Hernandes.

A ride on a two-horse open sleigh.

Nick Jackiw

Colette Laborde

Gary Davis

Merc McGowen

Chris Sangwin

Steve Hegedus

Jerry Goldin

Nathalie Sinclair

Jerry hits the right note at last, on a player piano.

Nick and Nathalie

Norma Presmeg and Dick Lesh arrive on Wednesday.

David, Sara, Gary share a beer.

Gary, Merc

John & Annie, Hy, Norma

Luis, Adalira, Christy

Dick, Steve, Luis

Jerry, Chris

David, Jerry

Cross-country skiing ...

Norma, Jerry


Steve ...

... on his knees.

Steve and Terry Deacon ...


John, Annie, Norma, Luis

Nathalie, Dick

Chris, Adalira

Heavenly music for David and Hy.

Merce, Dick

Sara, Chris

Sliding down a slope on a tube ...

Starting with Steve, Chris, David, Nick (and Sara looking on)

Part way down ...

vanishing in a dip ...

nearly to the bottom of the slope.

Sara with camera, David with difficulty, and Nick with pleasure.
Click here to see the video!

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