Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School

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The book Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School, written by David and Graham Tall, with a foreword by old boy, Sir David Frost, was conceived by the Tall boys when they realised the deep affection for the school that was shared by so many boys who attended during its lifetime from 1930 to 1975. The book launch took place at Wellingborough Grammar School (now the Wrenn School) on September 28th 2006.
Click here for a transcript of the Book Launch

The School looks the same at the front as in 1930 (with the added extension off right, built in 1958).

Even the name plate is back by the front door!

Early arrivals explore part of the display of the history of the school.

Tony Bayes was there early to help, and he can still get in his school blazer!

More arrivals study the display.

David Tall and David Wilson look for Graham to get David’s books signed.

Graham does his bit.

David welcomes Paul Titcomb, whose WGS Nostalgia web-site gave us so many e-mail links to old boys.

John Garley studies the panoramas and encourages other old boys to identify their mates on the photographs.

Graham relaxes with his mates, all eager to enjoy the book.

The crowd grows ...

and awaits the launch ...

Sir Bruce Liddington about to launch the book.

English Master, Geoff Cooksey, remembers his colleagues.

Joe Keep (WGS 1933-36), a major writer in the book.

Richard Temple, who wrote a foreword to the book, died just before it was published. He saw the whole book in draft.
Click on the movie to remember the long-serving masters...

Ricky Wrenn speaks movingly about his father, Headmaster Harold Wrenn.

After the ceremony there are books to sign.

Cousin Barrie Tall is there from Nottinghamshire

Cousins Rita and Pat ....

Authors David and Graham Tall pose for a photo overlooked by Mr Wrenn, Sir David Frost, and our WGS English Internationals, Don White, John Hyde, Jeff Butterfield, Bob Taylor.

Graham and David are joined by members of the class of ’52, Geoff Martin (Head Boy 1959–60), David Wilson (Head Boy 1958–59), John Garley, Barry Clarke and John (Fred) Nutt.
Click here for a transcript of the Book Launch

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