Visit to Bogota, July 2002

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From July 2nd to the 5th, 2002, David was in Bogota to take part in a national four day seminar attended by 50 academics from around Columbia participating in a national project using technology in mathematics teaching. The seminars were video-taped for the use of 450 other teachers across the country . Information about the content of the Seminars can be found here. I am particularly grateful for the support of the British Council in this activity.

Below are three pages of photographs from the seminar and a page of photographs taken on visits to the home of Ernesto Acosta Gempeler and his family, and the home of the parents of Bernardo Recaman. Ernesto and Bernardo (who is from the Ministry of Education) were amongst the leading organisers the seminars.

If you would like a high quality copy of any photo, please e-mail David Tall. specifying the number(s) of the photograph(s).

Incorporación de Nuevas Tecnologias al Curriculo de
Matemáticas de la Educación Media de Columbia


Aspectos Cognitivós del Aprendizaje del Cálculo Con Apoyo Tecnologico

Orientado Por:

David Tall
Mathematics Education Research Centre
University of Warwick

Hotel Belvedere, Bogotá D.C.
2, 3, 4 y 5 de Julio de 20002


1. View of Bogota from the hotel Belvedere ...

2. ... with the surrounding mountains.

3. David y Ernesto

4. Alexander Hoyos - who took many of these photos

5. Yolima y Octavio

6. Ana Celia y Fabiola

7. Fabiola, Leonor y Ana Celia

8. Carlos, Maria Cristina, Ruben Dario

9. Jorge Calpa y Edgar Palacio (Putumayo)

10. Lorena y Fernando

11. Martha y Carlos

12. Octavio y Fernando

13. Octavio asks a question

14. David responds

15. Grupo Ministerio

16. Another question is asked

17. Another response is given

18. Jorge Fiallo

19. Julia (the translator)

20. Lunch

21. lunch 2

22. Ana Celia

23. Javier y Alvaro

24. Paulina y David

25. Fabiola y David

26. Ernesto y Leonor

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