While visiting Hualien, on the East Coast of Taiwan, David and Sue took a trip down the coast to the Tropic of Cancer, meeting up with the parents and family of Grace: her parents, Peter Hsu and Mei-Hsung Wu, who live with their son Bing-Wen Hsu, his wife Su-Hung Lin, their two year old son Chen-En Hsu and Grace’s 12-year old niece Cha-Shan Lee (known in English as Amy). (Amy is the daughter of Grace’s sister and lives with Grace’s parents.) On the trip to the Tropic we were accompanied by Peter, Su-Hung, Chen-En and Amy.

View from the hotel window in the morning. It is raining, but with a temperature of 28 °C, it is warm soothing rain.

Meeting Grace's family, including father Peter Hsu and mother Mei-Hsung Wu.

Sue, Peter, Mei-Tsung at the back, with Amy, two-year old Chen-En and Grace.

Outside a Buddhist Temple.

David and Sue with Amy.

The Buddha.

Amy at Chichi Bay.

Abe with Chen-en.

The old bridge at Changhong.
The new bridge under construction.

David and Sue at the monument for the Tropic of Cancer. The sun is overhead once a year here, but temporarily is away today...

Abe and David inside the monument, on the line of the Tropic.

David pulls a face at mustard-flavoured ice-cream!

A relaxing meal back at Hualien.

Grace's parents, the grandchildren and brother Bing-Wen. (Chen-En is the son of Bing-Wen, Amy is the daughter of Grace's sister.)

Bing-Wen Hsu and wife Su-Hung Li.
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