From October 6 to December 21 2002, David Tall was in Taiwan as a Visiting Scholar at the National Taiwan Normal University.

David and Sue Tall at the National Palace Museum, with their Chinese family patriarchs (Abe Erh-Tsung Chin's mum and dad).

David and Sue Tall began their stay in Taiwan with a holiday in Hualien. Photos are taken on the first night in Hualien (on the west coast of Taiwan), a visit down the coast south to the Tropic of Cancer, a trip to the nearby Taroko National Park, and a day in Hualien, including catching prawns for lunch.

After this are some pictures of the flat where we lived in Shida Rd and other pictures around Taipei, then the Conference on Understanding Proof and Proving to Understand, attended by several guest visiting speakers, and a trip to Hsi-Bao School after the conference. You can either go direct to these pages, or look at them in sequence, by clicking on the white box:

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