In the Autumn of 2002, David Tall was a Visiting Scholar at the National Taiwan Normal University, in Taipei. October 10th is the National Holiday to celebrate the birth of the Republic of China in 1911. At this time David and Sue Tall travelled to Hualien with his one-time PhD student Abe Chin, for a short holiday with the family of Abe’s wife Grace. On their first night, instead of going to a restaurant, Abe and Grace took David and Sue on a progressive supper, taking food from three successive vendors.

Hualien at night.

Sue, Grace, David and Abe about to taste the specialities of the evening.
Grace in front of a menu of Japanese food (cooked chinese style!) Abe chops the meat.

Sue tucks in.

David has been using chopsticks since before Abe was born...

The second course is chosen from the street stall next door.

Grace makes a choice.

It is cooked ....

... while Sue looks on.

Now course three from another place.

This time it is fruit to be mixed with ice....

Grace advises ...

David samples the iced fruit.
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