Wellingborough Grammar School existed as a Boys’ selective school from 1930 until 1975 when it was re-organised as a mixed comprehensive school named The Wrenn School after the retiring headmaster, Mr Wrenn. Those of us who fondly remember the Grammar School had a special experience that affected us for the rest of our lives. This is celebrated in the book Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School published on October 28th 2006. Pictures of the launch and press coverage are here.
You can find out about buying the book on the WGS Memories site.

Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School,
published October 28th 2006.

We have made DVDs and a CD described below. These are essentially private memorabilia, but I am happy to share them with others who can cope with my indolence in making single copies at cost, say around £5 for a CD and £7 for a DVD (including pretty labels etc). Each CD or DVD is individually made at home, so, in the words of Tinbum, caveat emptor. Please contact me by email at .

Miss Bavin's Scrapbooks on CD

This is a reproduction of Miss Bavin's two scrapbooks which she compiled in the years 1931-1973 when she was the School Secretary. The first, some 250 pages or so covers the years 1931 to 1960 or so, the second, some 150 pages covers the later years up to her retirement in 1973. The books have been photographed by Graham Tall and are reproduced as portable document formats created by David Tall, who were both pupils at the school in the 1950s. The CD is currently in draft format for private study and may be read on any computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

More information can be found here.

20 minute DVD: Exhibition of School Photographs at Wellingborough Heritage Centre including a tribute to Miss Bavin and an introduction to her scrap-books. This is a privately recorded DVD-R which can be played on most modern DVD players.

Photographs on the web relating to the Exhibition may be found here.

80 minute DVD: Reunion of form 1A (1952) on their 50th anniversary (2002) with many (unexpurgated) tales of our old teachers told in a convivial atmosphere.

You may see a short excerpt from this dvd in quicktime format with D.S. Wilson (one-time schoolboy, headboy and teacher at WGS) doing a rendition of Spike Jackson in full flight! (playable on all computers using Quicktime, downloadable from the internet here). I won't apologise for using Apple's Quicktime rather than Windows media player. Uncle Bill Gates dominates far too much of the world for comfort.

Other websites of interest include the Wellingborough Grammar School Site run by enthusiastic old boys and the WGS1952 site set up to celebrate the 1952-2002 reunion and my brother Graham’s WGS Memories site with a vast amount of historical material and panoramas featuring the whole school and the pupils and masters who were at the school from 1930 to 1975.

Finally, for my sins, I indulged in telling some of my own personal memories here.