Australia & New Zealand : Fraser Island

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On Monday 21st, we attended the Delta Conference on Fraser Island where David was an invited Plenary Speaker. Larger versions of the pictures at the Conference Dinner are here for others to download.

The pilot winds the elastic band to get the plane going.

Inside the plane (just!).

... with conference attendees from South Africa, in Hervey Bay, awaiting the 10 pm ferry at 8.35 pm at a sea-front restaurant that closed at 8.30 pm.

Next day was time to renew ‘auld acquaintance’, with Peter Petocz and his wife Anna Reid.

Carmel Coady.

Carole Schumacher from Ohio USA.

Matthias Kawski expresses his concern about the teaching of the function concept.

David Smith explains a huge new web resource at

On Thursday we had a free day and wandered away from our room (below) along the boardwalks to the sea.

Looking back at the Kingfisher Centre.

A dragonfly alighting on a branch over a pond.

The jetty where the boats land from the mainland...

The ferry arrives ...

... with an Aussie carrying his liquid lunch.

A local lad catches a flat-head fish.

David reads the cricket news on the pier.

The conference dinner starts with a quiz of 13 questions to encourage cooperative solutions from those present. David Smith leads our table.

The rest of the banqueteers. A view of each table follows ... (For larger downloadable versions, click here.)

The winners of the quiz...

Matthias Kawski

Deborah Hughes Hallett

Johann Engelbrecht introduces David’s talk next morning using a picture from a thinner time long ago.

David presents his theory of three worlds of mathematics and theorizes the fundamental power of embodiment leading to the symbolic world of arithmetic and algebra and the formal world of proof.

Two participants hold up imaginary pictures for an embodied proof that there exists an everywhere-continuous, nowhere-differentiable function. (The two pictures are figs 4 and 5 of the paper downloadable here.)

... Mission accomplished.