Australia & New Zealand : Armidale

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On Tuesday 6th December, we flew from Sydney to Armidale, where we visited the University of New England and were hosted by John and Susan Pegg at Armidale, followed by a trip to their ‘week-ender’ by the sea at Pindimar. From there we travelled back to Sydney on 12th December flying back to England, arriving at Birmingham on Tuesday 13th December.

With John Pegg at the SiMERR centre (National Centre for Science, information communication technology, Mathematics Education in Regional and Rural Australia) in the University of New England, Armidale.

Having morning coffee with some of the SiMERR gang: Deb, Terry and Greg.

On Wednesday evening we go to Russell Glover’s house made of (unfired) mud bricks for the SiMERR Christmas Party.

Russell and John cook the steaks and sausages.

John says ‘Thanks’ to the team as his wife Sue looks on.

(The view from Russell’s house.)

On Thursday, Sue Pegg and Sue Tall head for the countryside to see Dangar’s Falls ....

... before shopping in Armidale centre ...

... and returning to Chez Pegg.

On Friday December 9th, John takes us on the four-hour drive to the coast at Pindimar. The road we travel has few towns, and those that we pass through, such as Walcha, Stratford, Stroud, Gloucester, often have small populations.

We pass by cooling streams ...

... and a bush fire.

... arriving at Pindimar in the evening to see this view of the bay from the verandah of the house.

The Pegg ‘weekender’ is in Lower Pindimar, overlooking the bay of Port Stephens.

Pindimar’s claim to fame is that it was one of three cities in the short list for the capital of Australia. Canberra was selected and Pindimar remained unspoilt as a hideaway for the Pegg clan. Above is the original plan for Pindimar as capital city.

Sue at breakfast on Saturday morning.

The house seen from the beach.

The beach becomes covered in tiny soldier crabs.

... here seen close up.

In the evening, John and Sue Pegg explore the mangroves ...

and take a photo of Sue Tall in the roots of a fallen gum tree.

Sue takes a photo of her pelican in the sea by the house.

Beware of roos which may leap across the road at twilight.

A small mob of roos in the bush by the road.

The Pacific Ocean.

The pies.

Kookaburra at night.

Goodnight Pindimar...