Australia & New Zealand : Sydney

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The next stop was Sydney to stay from Saturday through to Tuesday morning 6th December, hosted by Mike Mitchelmore at Macquarie University, with a trip to the Sydney Opera House to see the Sleeping Beauty ballet.

Arriving on the evening of December 3rd, we were able to get our first glimpse of Sydney Opera House ...

... and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, escorted by Joanne Mulligan and her mate Gordon.

On Sunday, December 4th, Paul and Angela White took us on a tour of the beaches south of Sydney ...

Botany bay ...

Maroubra Beach (where Joanne Mulligan learnt to surf!)

Bondi beach, full of tourists.

A view of Sydney on our return ...

In the evening we took a round-trip on the ferry to Manly.

The Bridge in daylight.

The opera house again.

Sydney from the evening ferry from Manly.

Monday December 5th, Joanne Mulligan, David, and Mike Mitchelmore at MacQuarie University ...

... for a seminar.

The assembled multitude (including old pals, Mike Mitchelmore, Joanne Mulligan, Paul White and Lynne Outhred).
Sue and David attended the Opera House in the evening for a magnificent performance of Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty Ballet. We realized to our absolute amazement that the conductor was young Andrew Mogrelia, who used to conduct the Leamington Chamber Orchestra in the seventies when I conducted the Beauchamp Sinfonietta in the same town, five miles away from our home back in England. I moved away to academia, he made it in music. The boy done good. He was masterful!