Visit to Rio, February 2002

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For the month of February, 2002, Sue and David are in Rio de Janiero, for David to give a plenary lecture at a conference at the Federal University of Rio De Janiero. It also happens to be the month of Carnaval, and there is time to visit the Amazon.

Our Carnaval pictures are here. Our visit to the Amazon is here!

The Beach of Leblon and Ipanema. Copacabana Beach is out of the picture, over the other side of the tall buildings in the centre, with Sugar Loaf mountain (the promontory at the back in the centre) at the far end of it. This end of the beach is almost deserted, but Ipanema and Copacabana are full of people sun-bathing. Few swim today in the turbulent sea. (It has been remarked by my friend Roy Shearing that the above is just a scanned picture post-card. Well, Roy, it is a picture taken with my own little Ixus 300 digital camera. The strange colour is due to the intense sunlight in the heat of the day in Rio ...)

Map of Rio, with our flat close to Flamengo Beach. The city is vast.
It would take an hour or more to get from our flat up to the Statue of Christ.

David and Sue with hosts Luiz, Victor and Beth, enjoying an Italian meal at 1.30 am. It was 38ºC in the day and locals chill out at night!

Botofogo Bay in Rio, a non-touristy place for the locals. We stay in the area to the right of the picture, a five minute walk from the bay. Notice the statue of Christ on the mountain in the centre distance.

Sue relaxes in our flat.

David relaxes with Aparecida (Pari) our maid, who comes to cook and clean.

There is a supermarket over the road from the flat, with gorgeous local fruit. Sue fancies conde fruit and locally grown lychees.

David tackles the local beef in a German restaurant.

Luiz and David discuss great thoughts about spatial imagery.

But soon David and Sue are off to trip round Rio, starting at Sugar Loaf.

David finds the statue of Chopin nearby and reads how it is a present from the people of Poland

Round the other side of Sugar Loaf, Sue and Beth smile in front of Botofogo Bay. (See the statue of Christ on the hill in the distance.)

This is looking to the right from the picture of Sue and Beth (above), along the coast to Flamengo (where we stayed on our last trip to Rio in 2000.)

The next picture is taken from on the mountain, looking back down on Flamengo Bay.
The promentory in the centre is Santos Dumont Airport
and over the other side of the bay is the town of Niteroi.

From the above view, we drive along the road towards the left. Further round the mountain,
we look back to see bridge across to Niteroi is in the distance over the bay:

Further round still, we look down on the Rio Lagoon. Left centre are two hills separating the lagoon from the beach of Leblon and Ipanema. (The picture of the beach at the top of the page was taken from the foot of other side of the mountain, looking to the left.)

The statue of Christ in the shadow (above) and a few seconds later, in the sun (below)...

Our Carnaval experience is here!!! And our trip to the Amazon is here...

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