Carnaval in Rio is a whole host of events. The main one is the competition of the Samba Schools that takes place in a purpose built venue with a wide avenue to parade along, 700 metres in length. It takes place over three nights. We went to the first night. It is from 9 pm to 6 am (we only made it for the first half!) Each school has an hour to parade and are given points by a panel of judges. The main aim is to gain promotion to the top division who parade on the second and third nights. The first night is for the locals. A ticket is only (only?) £40 per person. The two later nights are £55 per person and are aimed more at the tourists. As established Rio residents, Sue and David go on the cheaper night. ... It poured with rain, but didn’t dampen our spirits.

Images of the evening. It was actually raining the whole night long!

The Carnaval in full swing.

Sue (with umbrella) and our host, Victor, whose father works with one of the Samba Schools.

One of the many floats, pushed by people power!

Marcia enjoys herself.

A football theme features England!


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