Lecture at Hualien National Teachers’ University Thursday, May 31st.

david stands by his poster

Arriving the day before the lecture, there is time for a short visit to Taroko Gorge.
before visiting Abe’s parents-in-law, Peter Hsu and Mei-Hsung Wu, for a family dinner with Grace’s sister and her daughter Amy. It was a gentle evening at a buffet in a local hotel with large varieties of chinese food and no time to take photographs!

The President of Hualien college standing by Professor Tall.

Lunch with the faculty as Abe shows the staff some movies of Sue and David’s grandchildren.

Lunch on a tray for one. Delicious.

On to the college for the lecture.
David explains, Abe translates.
The students listen attentively.

Sue relaxes afterwards devouring a durian. (A Thai fruit that tastes like heaven but smells like hell.)

The family dog No-No.

Peter’s vegetable garden

and his chickens.

A meal of one dish – a bowl of soup with beef and noodles – and side plates of vegetables, nuts and other tasties.

Peter and Mei-Hsung with their grandson Adam.

Next day, (Friday, May 2nd) we made our way to Taipei by train with Abe.

Travelling for a few minutes through a brief heavy storm followed again by sunshine.