David and Sue arrived at Taipei on Friday June 1st, to relax at the Howard International Hotel over the weekend and to give talks at Taiwan National Normal University at Taipei on Monday, travelling to Hsinchu and Chiayi and then to fly home on Friday June

Taipei: the city of the motor-bike.

Abe’s mum and dad treat us to Peking duck to celebrate our return to Taipei.

Abe’s mum wraps the flesh and skin of the duck in a pancake, with sweet bread sauce and onion, for her guests.
The proprietor of the Restaurant Tien Chu which is the most famous for Peking duck in the whole of Tapei.

After a relaxing Saturday, we were honoured by Dr Tam spending the whole day with us on Sunday, inviting us to the morning service at his church, treating us to lunch and dinner, and in between, a trip up the highest building in the world.

We attended the Sunday Service at Grace Baptist Church

then Dr Tam phones his student Lu Yu-Ren (Lewis) to meet us at the Ponderosa Restaurant where we enjoyed a steak and choice of buffet for lunch.

Sue shows Lewis some family photos at lunch.

One of several buffet choices (all you can eat).
We are treated to the trip to the top of the world’s tallest building at this time: Tapei 101. It is a little cloudy and sometimes the mists drape round the building, but for most of the time we can take photographs of the surrounding city.

After visiting the Taipei Tower with Lewis, Dr Tam returned and in the evening treated us to a meal with steak medium-rare and a full choice of everything else from the buffet. A memorable day, thanks to Dr Tam and Lewis.
Monday June began with a relaxing swim at the hotel in the morning and an appointment for David to give two talks at the National Taiwan Normal University.

Here an introduction to the Mathematics Department by Dr Tsao Po-Son.

with welcoming applause before the talk.

The second talk was introduced by Dr Tam Hak-Ping.

His students asked very searching questions!

On Monday night we relaxed at the Howard International Hotel with dinner at their Buffet. Up in the morning to continue to Hsinchu, Chiayi and Taichung.