Staying at Taitung for two nights to speak at a one-day conference at Taitung National Normal University featuring the four lecturers, and an excursion day visiting the Hualien Museum of Prehistory and the Tai Yuan elementary school, for the Amis people, famous in Taiwan for producing many baseball players.

Conference at Taitung University: May 28th.

Dr Chorng-Jee Guo, President of Taitung National Normal University addresses the audience with the four main speakers, Len Unsworth, (Armidale, Australia), Larry Yore (Victoria Canada), David Tall (Warwick UK) and Richard Duschl (Rutgers USA).
len speaks
The first speaker is Len Unsworth, (followed by Richard Duschl). Each speaker gets 90 minutes...

At lunchtime we are entertained by the students.
larry lectures
Larry speaks after lunch.
David poses by the poster announcing his talk.
david speaks with translator tung hsing hsiung
David gives the closing presentation translated by Wang Li-Wei.

The participants take their final bow.
seven course banquet
The Conference Banquet
The seven course banquet (costing just £8 per person).

Next day was an excursion to the Taitung National Museum of Prehistory, the stream running uphill and the Taiyuan Elementary School, serving the indigenous Amis people.
The tyrannosaurus rex.
amis people
The indigenous people related to the pacific races who travelled overseas from around Madagascar and through to Fiji, Hawaii, New Zealand, etc.
boats elephants
Full-size prehistoric models.
On our travel north of Taitung.

The stream that flows uphill...
taiyung school
Taiyung elementary school blending modern methods with the Amis culture.
indigenous art
with the children decorating their school with Amis carving and driftwood art.
boys playing baseball
Playing baseball.

and winning many trophies, including the Little League Champions of Taiwan.

hammering bark
hammering bark to make a fibrous material for clothing.
wood carving
Wood carving.
A wild taiwan monkey on the journey back.
relaxing by the pacific
Relaxing by the Pacific before yetanothergorgeous banquet...

where Chien-Lung Wang entertained us with local indigenous songs.

Sue and Har Lee
On Wednesday morning, we are accompanied by President Guo’s niece Har-Lee to escort us on the train from Taitung to Hualien.
... alongside the coastal mountain range.